Day 1 Monday 01/08/24 Prayer and Fasting

1. Father in the name of Jesus thank You for the multitudes You gathered into our church services online and in person, yesterday and for the power and glory capacity imparted into every worshipper through the prophetic word and the mystery of the communion in the name of Jesus.  Ps.18:49; 103:1-5; 63:1-2;

2. Father in the name of Jesus, We consecrate this 21 day Prayer and fasting program beginning today unto you; Father visit us in this program and advance your kingdom and your church; draw multitudes to participate; save the lost, deliver the oppressed, heal the sick, break yokes, change stories and show yourself mighty in our midst in the name of Jesus. Isa.58:6

3. Father in the name of Jesus, we consecrate ourselves to you forever; we confess our sins and repent of every disobedience and everything we have done or left undone, so far, individually and collectively, on behalf of our families, our churches, our communities and our nation that may hinder our fellowship with you during this program. Have mercy and cleanse us from every unrighteousness in Jesus name. - 1Jn.1:8-9; Ps.51:1-17; 2Cor.7:1; 2Chron.7:14;

4. Father in the name of Jesus, empower each one of us with the spirit of grace and supplication to prevail on the prayer altar and the discipline and determination to focus and make this exercise count; let every plan of the enemy against this exercise be dismantled and frustrated in the name of Jesus. Zech.12:10; Heb.4:16;

5. Father in the name of Jesus, on this prayer mountain, let every question in my life and family be answered; let every confusion be cleared; let every mystery concerning my life and family be unraveled; let every mountain before me and my family become a plain, and let all  my prayers and that of every member of this church all through this year always received favorable answers from you in the name of Jesus. Isa.58:9; Jer.33:3; Ps.91:15; Jn.11:41-42; Dan.10:10-13;

6. Father in the name of Jesus, this year I step into my place of dominion over all the forces of nature and creation and bring the year 2024 and the events of it under my control for my life, my family, this church and all her members in the name of Jesus. Ps.8:6;

7. Father, in the name of Jesus, we decree Your vengeance upon every agent of the devil resisting the continuous growth of this Church, and let the effect be evident in all our services this year. -Is. 63:4

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