Thursday 05/25/23 Prayer Focus

1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for all the miracles, testimonies and answers to prayers in our midst. To you be all the glory. Father, By the power of the Holy Spirit, compel greater multitudes into our Friday fire service tomorrow and let no one leave the same way they came in the name of Jesus Ps.136:1; Matt.13:39;

2. Father in the name of Jesus, open my eyes  and that of every member of this church to the instructions that will trigger wonders in our lives and empower each one of us for prompt and total obedience to all scriptural and prophetic instructions for the speedy manifestation of  these wonders this month in the name of Jesus.Lk.5:4-8; Deut.28:1-3; 2Kgs.6:1-7; 5:1-14;

3. Father in the name of Jesus, birth in me a desperation for the supernatural, a hunger for your wonders; am sick and tired of the ordinary; make me and each member of this church a living wonder to the glory of your praise this month in the name of Jesus. Ps.63:1-2; 1Cor.2;9; Isa.8:18;

4. Father in the name of Jesus, baptize me and every member of this church with a passion for sharing the gospel. For winning souls and for serving the interest of your kingdom; make each one of us a channel of wonders to this generation in order to draw multitudes into your kingdom in the name of Jesus. Joel 2:29-30; Mk.16:15-20; Rom.1:16;

5.  father in the name of Jesus, baptize me and every member of this church with the spirit of faith, so that each one of us can see the invisible, think the unthinkable, speak the unspeakable, believe the impossible and do wonders in the name of Jesus. 2Cor.4:13; Josh.10:12-14;

6. Father, in the name of Jesus, uphold and prosper the ministries  and families of all true missionaries working in all the harvests fields of the world and uphold and strengthen the faith of all Christians under persecution in the various nations of the world in the name of Jesus. Lk.22:32; Ps.68:11

7. Father, in the name of Jesus, we decree the liberty of all our new converts, new members and visitors from all forms of bondages, spells, enchantments and generational curses, so they can abide in this church this year. -Num.23:23

Prophetic Declaration
As the Lord lives, Today I decree your harvest released; I decree your breakthrough released; I decree your healing released; I decree your finances released; I decree you miracle job released; I decree your approvals released; I decree your  children released; I decree your spouse released; I decree your promotion released; I decree your victory released,  in the mighty name of Jesus; Every seed you have sown shall perpetually speak for you; Every tear you have shed shall secure multiplied joy unto you; Every effort you have made shall be amplified for accelerated and multiplied returns; every faith you have expressed shall count towards your breakthrough miracles and restoration; every love you have shared shall sail around the world touching lives and return back to you in geometric folds; The flocks of Kedar shall be gathered unto you, the rams of Nebaioth shall minister unto you; Every concern of yours shall be turned into a testimony this season in the Mighty name of Jesus! Amen! Good morning and have an enjoyable day!

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