This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. - Psalm 118:23

9 years marital delay and demonic assault terminated

- Toyin
I had a very disturbing dream in February 2012, I prayed about it and went on with my day.
Shortly after that dream/day, some things went wrong. My promising relationship ended for no just cause and I got a negative doctor's report.
I also started having strange dreams every night, not every other night or once or twice a week, it was every night I laid down to sleep. The moment I closed my eyes to sleep, within thirty minutes I'm up sweating due to nightmares (they were very demonic). I would stay awake praying or just keep my eyes open for the rest of the night till morning. The harder I prayed before bed, the more intense the dream/attack. I dreaded going to bed, going to bed was like going to war. I avoided passing nights at friends or family member's houses because it's no telling the type of dream I would have. I prayed for peace and rest, fasted, spoke to some men of God, trusted God but the attacks/torments continued for years.
I was always tired during the day but I eventually got used to not sleeping or sleeping and jumping out of my sleep sweating profusely.
August 2020, I sent my first message to Pastor David via WhatsApp. I prayed to God that Pastor David would understand me and pray for me. He acknowledged my message and set a time to call him. I called him, told him about the long-standing attacks, I told him I had done all I knew to do and I was drained and tired. He asked me to go on a 3-day fast with some prayer points and to pray in the spirit.
I called him back after the fast, he prayed with me very aggressively, he also counseled me. Pastor told me he already saw me as a free/delivered person the first time I called him, he also declared to me "by this time next year, you are married" we both hung up.
I remember calling him again weeks later because I had a very terrifying dream, as I was telling him that I jumped up to pray, he told me to stop allowing the devil to manipulate my sleep. He said just cancel the dream and go back to sleep. It sounded like something simple to do but it was very hard for me.
He told me to read Ephesians 2 vs 6 and 1 vs 20-21, to establish my victory by my faith and the word of God, to stand my ground in Jesus Christ, to cast out all fears and doubts.
The biggest one he emphasized was to change my mindset (he stayed on this for a while) which happened to be the one I struggled with. I prayed desperately to God for my mindset to change, gradually I started seeing some changes though I was still on edge.
I started believing in my victory one afternoon in September after I took a nap because that never happened, I always kept myself engaged in order not to fall asleep.
October 2020, two days after the Tehilah Praise Night, Pastor Margaret made a courtesy call to me (first time with her one on one), she asked to pray with me. As she was praying, she kept saying restoration, a major restoration is coming, she repeated that line a lot. I opened my eyes during the prayers and wondered why the word 'restoration'. The prayers ended, we hung up.
On the recap call we had for the Tehilah Night, we were sharing our experiences of Tehilah  Night, I shared that I enjoyed it a lot though I watched it alone and Pastor said "by this time next year you won't be alone".
October 30, I unexpectedly lost my job of many years due to company reorganization. I was numb, I couldn't call anyone to talk about what just happened.
Two days after I lost my job, we had a church meeting, Pastor David said we are not to complain for three days. I chuckled and said to myself if only Pastor knew what just happened to me. He said "do not complain" over and over. At a point, I knew God was speaking through the pastor to me not to complain because I was really about to unleash my complaints.
In the midst of all that was going on, I met a great guy, I couldn't focus on him because I was jobless, securing another good job was a priority to me.
Few days into January 2021 and into our 21 days fast, I got a temporary position with the same company. I was very happy, I quickly shared the testimony here.
To the Glory of God, a relationship between the gentleman and I progressed, it did not fizzle this time around like the previous ones.
Pastor David and Pastor Margaret were very gracious to us, they conducted our pre-marital counseling to get us off on a great and solid foundation.
In the midst of planning the wedding, I suddenly got a job interview for a position I applied for in February (I had forgotten about the application).
 I scaled through the first, second, and third interviews by the grace of God.
God is amazingly faithful, the week I started the new position was the same week I got married. So I was in training for two days in the new position then ran off to get married then came back to continue training.
I'm so humbled, I'm in awe of God, I've seen the goodness of God. I look back few months ago and I'm just stunned at how God turned it all around so quickly.
He used Pastors David &  Margaret (Hosea 12 vs 13). I sleep better now, I wake up on my own terms, my job has been restored, and it's way better in every way than the one I lost.  
I got married two weeks ago to a very great guy from a loving family.
My heart is full of gratitude to God, I'll praise God forever.
Pastor, thank you for listening to me, praying, and shaking fear off my mind.

Prophetic Job Creation

Sister Ify
Good day blessed family of God. I give this testimony to the glory of God Almighty.
One of the days that Pastor David was preaching during our beginning of year 2023, 21 days fasting, he said “ if you are looking for a permanent job and you don’t have, you will soon get one. Even if there’s no job at that place you want the job, they will create one for your sake”. I screamed Amen and bathed that prophesy in my pocket. I held on to this word released by the man of God for we were trusting God for a permanent job for my precious husband.
Few weeks after, my precious husband called his boss and requested for a permanent position as his job was on contract. There was no permanent position for him in his company, but they created one for him because the word of God will never return back to him empty.
To God Almighty be the glory. Halleluya!


– Ruth B.
I have had 6 spinal surgeries and had been in so much pain and despair that I wanted to commit suicide. I was having frequent panic attacks and could not sleep. That is until I met Jesus at the Healing and deliverance service. For the first time in 4 years I walked without a walker and could climb a flight of stairs. Praise God.


- Tari T
After 6 years of uncountable miscarriages and a medical blunder that almost killed me, Jesus gave me a bouncing baby girl. In that same year Jesus supernaturally gave me my dream business. Praise the Lord!

Miracle Job

- Toyin Olusesi
On October 30, 2020, my entire department was given a notice of displacement effective immediately. The displacement was due to the impact of the pandemic on the organization. I was numb and confused because we were completely blind-sighted by the notice, and unemployment was not something I wanted to deal with going into the holidays. On November 1 (two days after I was laid off), Pastor David called for a meeting to prepare for Shiloh Christmas Carol. In that meeting, he declared the month of November as the month of NO COMPLAINTS  instead it's a month of gratitude. I chuckled on the phone saying to myself, "if only Pastor knew what just happened to me. I just lost my job of 10 years" and I was really about to unleash loads of complaints to God. Pastor David kept saying over and over on that call that we're not going to complain. At that point, I knew God was talking to me through Pastor. I decided to be intentionally grateful and trust God. And because I was not complaining, I was able to focus, update my resume and send out applications.   To the glory of God Almighty, few days into this new year and into our 21day fast. I got a job offer (higher role)with the same company with my benefits intact. Although it's not a permanent position yet, I'm grateful that God answered me early just days into the fast. And I can already see that God is using people to work behind the scene to get me back on board permanently. I sincerely Thank God for His Faithfulness and for using Pastor David to encourage me when despair was setting in. I appreciate you, Pastor.

Got my dream Job

– Andrew A.
I lost my job in January 2018 and the Man of God prophesied that I will get my dream job with a particular company that I wanted before April 2nd and It happened exactly as was prophesied and with double the pay. As if that was not enough I got a pay raise before I resumed the job and so many pecks. This God is too good!!!


- Cynthia Worthey
Beloved Brethren, I am giving this testimony on behalf of my Mother, Mrs. Orangie Harris to the glory of God.
On the morning of Aug 2, 2021 my Mom was hospitalized due to blood clots against her lung, heart and in her groin. The doctors immediately knew a specialized procedure was necessary and she would have to be transported to a hospital that handled such procedures. That same night I reached out to Lady Margaret asking prayer for my Mom, to my amazement Lady Margaret phoned me that night declaring In JESUS NAME my Moms survival and full restoration not just her alone, Pastor David also reinforced with power and authority that my Mom would live and not die and no procedures would be performed.
Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021, my  Mom arrived at the second hospital where serious testing began and ended with a diagnosis that the clots were dissolving tremendously and NO PROCEDURES WOULD BE REQUIRED (HALLELUJAH) My Mom was discharged on Aug 7, 2021 and all is well THANK YOU JESUS!

A Prophetic word by the man of God came to pass after 10 years

- Sonny E.
 In 2006 I met the man of God Pastor David Okumgba in PORT HARCOURT NIGERIA where I complained bitterly about stagnation and frustration at my job and he casually said I will head my department. I was angry at his casual statement and grumbled as I was leaving that he does not know what he was talking about  nor does he understand the nature of my office, but to the glory of God after that prophecy everything changed at my job and in 2016. I became head of that department according to the word of the man of God. Praise God!

My Sister Came out of a medical Coma when the Pastor Prayed

- Sheri A.
My Sister, Pam, fell into coma after an attack and I called Pastor David Okumgba to pray for my sister after 2 days in a medical coma. He said I should go to the hospital and call him from the hospital. I sent my daughter and when she called him, he asked her to put the phone in the ears of my sister, Pam, and he prayed and she came out of the medical Coma. She is still alive today. I give God all the glory in Jesus name!

Multiple Testimonies

- Sister Azuka 
 I am a bundle of outstanding testimonies to the glory of God.
Before I proceed ,with my knees on the floor,  I want to ask God forgiveness for hoarding my testimonies.
1.Under this commission, the Lord miraculously brought me into this country on a platter of gold, free accommodation, every good thing that pertains to life I received without stress.
Our senior Pastor, Dr David quotes this scripture always "Ps.92:12 That those that are planted shall flourish". I memorized it and it's been working for me.
2. I had a serious respiratory issue. On one of the occasions I had an attack, Pst David prayed a very short prayer for me. I received an instant healing miraculously, I stopped using all the inhalers and asthma treatments I was placed on for over 10year. Praise God!.
3.God blessed me with an easy job after the man of God Prophesied during one of our midweek service that any one believing God for a job is getting one with in the next 48hrs. Brethren, mine came within 24hours🙏
4.While I was struggling with mobility and money to buy a car, the Lord under this commission gave me pleasant surprise of very nice Toyota car through a  member and his wife on a platter of gold🙏
More testimonies oh🙏
While I was getting worried when the company where my son was working in Nigeria was downsizing,  I cried to Pst David and his wife, they said don't worry and pst David said it is not going to happen,two days after my son called to say that alot of people have been laid off but he was promoted. Children of God, shout Halleluja!
5.Last year,my son got married and God opened international doors for him and his wife.
Praise the Lord!
Brethren, let stop here for now.
More testimonies are coming soon.
I promise never to hoard my testimonies again in Jesus name 🙏I give to glory to God forever in Jesus mighty name🙏

Lost Daughter Reconnected

Sister Nana Melly
Praise Master Jesus 
I just wanted to testify today about my daughter who left home for college about three months ago and refused to communicate with me. She blocked my number, and after making all possible efforts to connect with her, including hiring a private detective,  all efforts seems to no avail, after crying and praying for a few days, the Lord led me to contact Pastor David  Okumgba, the coordinator of the Dunamis Revival Fire Conference, this is the man of God I have never seen before, not even seen his picture at all, then I contacted him immediately, but he wasn’t available, I was advised to call back again which I did, he prayed with me and told me that my daughter will contact me, that I shouldn’t worry about it, that since I am saved, nothing shall happen to her, then I continue to pray. And today Monday, December 12, 2022, the Lord again touched me to call Pastor David again to Inform him that I have not yet heard from my daughter. Pastor David prayed one simple prayer and advised me that I should keep up my faith and write my prayer request to tell the Lord how I want my daughter to be, to cut the long story short, he left me with the word that I have to believe that since I have confessed Jesus Christ as personal lord and savior, he will fight my battles for me and I say Amen. Then he hung up, and less than 2 minutes later my daughter called me, and she told me that she miss me and she loves me. To God be all the Glory,  God of Pastor David has finally answered my prayers.
I would like to especially thank pastor David for all your prayers and counseling, indeed God is a good God. God bless you more Pastor David, May the blessings and favor of the lord continue to overtake you and your family In Jesus' Name, Praise the Lord!  Sister Nana Melly

Gift of children

- Helen Reyna
I am giving this testimony to the glory of God on behalf of my husband Richard and our Children.
 Our Beloved Pastor, Pastor David Okumgba; a true anointed man of God whom the Lord put on our path one Easter day in the year of 2001 when we thought our marriage was over. Pastor David prayed for reconciliation and told me to expect a miracle within 9 days. What a miracle that was! Richard got saved and we remarried again. Praise the Lord! That was the first miracle. Now For 11 years, I was trying to conceive and Pastor David always told us to come to the altar to receive our miracle children which we did several times. But there was one time, in fact, the last time, I did not go up. Richard by faith went alone to the altar and God did it. In September 2004 we had our first child Joshua and Richard must have picked up a double portion because in January 2008 we were yet blessed again with twins; Jasmin Jayne and Jeremiah. Hallelujah! To God be all the glory. Pastors David and Margaret, you are such a blessing in our lives. We are so grateful to have you as part of our family. We love you and thank you so much for allowing God to use you. To God be all the glory in Jesus' name!  
Richard and Helen Reyna

My Lost Son Returned Home

- Mrs. Adewoyin
I am using this medium to appreciate the Goodness of God in my family. 
Sometimes last year  - August 2020 - we discovered that our son - was far gone in wrong directions with bad friends.  
By December 27th - My son walked out of the house,  dropping out of college, work and moved in with friends...
I cried to God and He directed one of our Mummies here in Canada to check on me one evening as I was sobbing. 
I narrated the situation to her and she hurriedly connected me with Daddy, Pastor David Okumgba - after Daddy prayed for me  - He emphatically assured me that my son would never get lost - that we should be rest assured that he is returning back home soon and that he would serve God. 
I joined the 2021 prayer line and bible study - consulted with Daddy on few occasions 
By February 28th, my son called his dad and said I am coming back home...he did.
Since then - there is a daily transformation in his life, he goes to a youth church now - he even ministered on April 25th. 
We are grateful to the Almighty God and we humbly glorify God in the life of our Daddy, Pastor David Okumgba. 
Praise the Lord Jesus.... Hallelujah


- Ify Okpala
My sister gave me Reverend David Okumgba's phone number when I was waiting for my second lung transplant after a lung failure. Despite the fact that I was using oxygen to help me to breathe, he prayed for me and promised to continue praying for me until he gets results. I did not expect to hear back from him. And then I waited for days, weeks, and 2 months after that he called me back and said that my prayer has been answered and that I should continue to say "Thank you, Jesus... thank you, Jesus... thank you, Jesus..." all the time which I did.
2 weeks later I received my second transplant which was very difficult to find. My doctor said I had a 1 in 3.5 million chance of getting that transplant. Today in 2021, 15 years after that 2nd lung transplant, I am still waxing strong and living life to the glory of God and contrary to medical opinion.
Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! and thank you to Rev. David Okumgba for all your prayers.

DAughter returned home

Sister Nana Melly

Praise Master Jesus
I just wanted to testify today about my daughter who left home to college about three months ago and refused to communicate with me. She blocked my number , after making all possible efforts to connect with her, including hiring a private detective,  all efforts seems to no avail, after crying and praying for few days , the lord led me to contact Pastor David  Okumgba, the coordinator of the Dunamis Revival Fire Conference , this is the man of God I have never seen before, not even seen his picture at all, then I contacted him immediately, but he wasn’t available, I was advised to call beck again which I did , he prayed with me and told me that my daughter will contact me , that I shouldn’t worry about it , that since I am saved , nothing shall happened to her, then I continue to pray. And today Monday December 12, 2022, the lord again touched me to call Pastor David again to Inform him that I have not yet heard from my daughter. Pastor David prayed one simple prayer and advised me that I should keep up my faith and write my prayer request to tell the lord how I want my daughter to be, to cut the long story short , he left me with the word that I have to believe that since I have confessed Jesus Christ as personal lord and savior , he will fight my battles for me and I say Amen. Then he hung up , less than 2 minutes later my daughter called me , and she told me that she miss me and she loves me . To God be all the Glory,  God of Pastor David has finally answered my prayers.
I would like to specially thank pastor David for all your prayers and counseling, indeed God is a good God . God bless you more Pastor David , May the blessings and favor of the lord continue to overtake you and your family In Jesus Name, Praise the Lord!  Sister Nana Melly

Divine Replacement and Overflow

- Jeslyn
The same week I was fired from my job, God gave me another job with better pay and those that fired me called me to apologize and offered me my old position back. GOD IS GREAT!!  

Academic Success

- Nneka
   Supernaturally God resolved a difficult situation I had with my academics, I passed my board exams and got a plum job. God is great.        

When the Lord gives us sleep.

— Doris
I could not sleep for weeks at a time even with sleeping aids and God healed me supernaturally.

Legal issue

- kenneth
 God resolved a major legal issue in my favor. Praise God!

Health restored

- NSE A.
 My blood pressure shut up rapidly with splitting migraine headache. It was so bad that for 4 days i could not speak out nor stay in a lighted environment, until jesus healed me without any medication. My blood pressure is back to normal and i can shout hallelujah! Praise god!    

From Hopelessness to Jesus

- M. Bada      
 I was hopeless, homeless, broke and going no where fast until I met Jesus  about five months ago and within that period my whole life has changed for the better. I now have hope, I have a job, I have my own apartment and recently bought a car.  Now I have a direction for my life and am working towards becoming a blessing and adding value to the lives of others every day. Praise God! God is good!     

Monies lost in business venture recovered after 2 YRS.

- Tari T.
In pursuit of my dream of owning a daycare facility I had saved tens of thousands of dollars over many years of hard work which I invested to lease and remodel a space for my dream business over 2 years ago. The landlord took the money and did not use it for the purpose, and I could not use the space or get my money back. We have been bickering back and forth over the years until recently by the grace of God the landlord returned my money back to me. Praise God!          

Self Deliverance

- Baroness U. I.
Through this video I received my anointing and I spoke in tongues. While playing, my body caught fire and I was delivered.
The mighty power of God crashed down the evil Kingdom against my life and pulled me out of death.Glory be to God in the highest.

open heart surgery

- Ify
I am using this opportunity to testify to the faithfulness of the Almighty God. The God of Shiloh Tabernacle. I call him Omeluokpukpu Ogholummadu, meaning the one that turned dry bones into a complete human being. I call him The express route in the wilderness, the Defender of the defenseless, the way maker, the Concrete in the ocean, the Candle in the tabernacle. The Restorer of life, Impossibility specialist. My sisters and my brothers please join me and my family to thank this great God for what he has done for us.
Last year, I was diagnosed with a heart condition I have had since childhood. It had to do with a valve in my heart. The doctors said the only way to fix was through open-heart surgery. It was a tough one but the God who is tougher than the toughest made it easy.
Last month I had the open-heart surgery and the God who is true to his word saw me through it. He did it as if nothing happened.

Please my brothers and sisters join me and my family to tell this great God thank you.
I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to Pastor Margaret and Pastor David who stood by my family all through. The Almighty God reward you and your precious family. A big thank you to Dr. Laura who is always there for me and my family. Thank you very much Shiloh family. God bless you all and grant you the desires of your heart.


When Brother Paul Archer gave us a leaflet of a coming conference, I felt I needed to be in this meeting at least for a day but my diary was fully booked for the weekend with things like officiating a wedding which could not be changed. As continued to pray for this meeting and those who were intending to attend, I somehow knew that I could go to this meeting although I didn’t know how. Miraculously, the wedding was cancelled and i definitely knew I was to attend the meeting. So I talked to my husband and he said it was ok for me to go for Friday and Saturday. I quickly arranged with my two friends. On long awaited day came and off went set for Uttoxeter. I was a bit careful though as I went to this meeting because a lot of drama is happening in the name of prophecy and deliverance. So my spiritual antennae were high up because I did not intend to pick up anything that was not Godly. Because of this, I was able to quickly discern the Spirit of God in the man of God David and then I said, ‘Father, here I am, I want to receive everything that is going to be poured in these meetings’. I was not disappointed.   The man of God ministered with great humility and with untold authority directly from the Father. I was greatly blessed, no, wrecked and spoilt for God is the right expression. As Pastor David Okumgba taught, I learnt a lot of truths from the word of God that I had not realised before. For example a person would be oppressed of the devil and even not know it until it is triggered by something like when Jesus entered into the Temple and the demons cried  ‘What do we have to do with you Jesus, are you coming to destroy us?’ As each truth dawned on me, the only thing I could say was  ‘wow! That’s right!’ I was delivered of fear. I had not realised how oppressed I was by this. Because of fear, there was an open doorway where the enemy could use other people even in church and this could really affect me even physically. Praise God, now I am set free by the Son of God. The climax of the meeting was the anointing service. I have never experienced anything like it. First, the man of God explained about the three kinds of anointing, I had heard and studied about them but I had never applied the principle in my life. The leper’s anointing, the Priestly anointing and the Kingly anointing. As the Man of God taught, I could not wait to be anointed. I was so excited. When He finally did, it seemed liked a warm blanket wrapped me and off I fell under the anointing. I am not a very demonstrative person but I could hardly stand on my feet. Every time I stand to minister this same blanket comes over me and then I know that the one I love is standing right there with me. I have never been anointed like that before. I felt like I was being submerged in the love of my Father, I felt clean and loved. I have never felt the presence of God so imminent as it was that Saturday afternoon. I felt peace which remains to this day. Everything that happened to me in that meeting, was not just passing tingle on my back, it has continued to this day. I knew this was my meeting and Pastor David the right man be ministering. There is a tremendous anointing that came through with a lot of humility and this ministered to me a lot.  There are so many things that happened to me during this meeting that I have not known yet. Saturday evening came and we had to travel back home in Sheffield because I was preaching the following morning. I started seeing the result of the anointing from the conference straight away. I have seen more results of healing and deliverance as I minister to my members. I ministered with more boldness now as Pastor David, kept on telling us, ‘I am anointed and I am appointed and I shall not be disappointed.’ I have not been disappointed since that meeting.  The anointing of God that flowed through the man of God has continued to flow through me and to His precious people. I just want to tell Pastor David, thank you so much for coming to the UK just for me. The results of that conference may not be known on this side of eternity. Also thank you Brother Paul for inviting me and my friend Betty and Joan. They have shared with me how their lives were changed also. May Our Abba bless you all as you go out and as you come in.

It is well with my soul...

- Uba O.
Our God is the God that answereth by fire, the God of Elijah has answered my cry and lamentation by His consuming fire. By His blood, I am redeemed and set free.
By my own unshakable faith in His words through your mouth, God has proved that He is God. I am delivered from the jaws of the lion. From the depth of my soul and with every breath I take, I have chosen to walk with Christ Jesus all the days of my life, amen. GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.

Daddy, thank you very much for the miracle of you in my life. Today, just like in my dream you gave me your hand and I held it with the last breath in me and Christ Jesus has set me free.

Since 12 noon  yesterday, I have been at war with the kingdom of darkness. I have been held and pinned down with uncountable snakes of every species you can think of, I saw the horror of evil and power of darkness at their best. Like always since my holy ghost baptism through your videos and prayers with you, I had the attached video open https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Crro3U6SZVo before the demonic kingdom arrived yesterday afternoon to collect my soul. Through every assault, through every pain, through foaming and bleeding from my mouth and nose in my room all alone. I kept my weak left hand on my computer and kept playing this video over and over till I could feel every water of life, fire and mantle upon me. Till I believed in your every word and power of God that all the thousands of snakes on my body and scorpions has been consumed by fire. Behold daddy, they burnt out of my body by my own skin, my body caught fire and burnt them out of my room. Daddy, I saw the God of Elijah, the God that answereth by fire burnt the gods of Ogbunike cave out of my soul, out of my spirit, out of my body and existence. God set me free at 3:33 pm today from a life and death battle with the King of Ogbunike cave and his evil kingdom of snakes and scorpions and every occult witchcraft and satanic ritual abuse.
Truly God is real:  Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.Daddy, thank you for placing this words in my spirit, believing in it has finally set me free.

I am blessed because Christ Jesus lives within me. Thank you very much for ministering and planting the word of God in my soul and by giving me the tools to defeat evil over my life. Today, I shed the tears of joy not sorrow and I will cry no more.

I am deeply grateful to you daddy and to the works of the Lord in your ministry.