Friday 06/09/23 Prayer Focus

 1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for all the miracles, testimonies and answers to prayers in our midst; Thank you for the renewal of strength and grace to wait on you.  To you be all the glory in Jesus name. Father, By the power of the Holy Spirit, compel greater multitudes into our Friday fire service today and let no one leave the same way they came in the name of Jesus Ps.136:1; Matt.13:39;

2. Father in the name of Jesus, O God to whom vengeance belongs, arise show yourself on my behalf;' render punishment to the wicked; let the wickedness of the wicked in my life, in my family, in this church, in our community and our nation come to an end today in the name of Jesus. Ps.94:1-3; 7:9;

3. Father in the name of Jesus, I invoke speedy vengeance and judgment against any force,  ancestral altars, witchcraft coven, demonic agents, strong men and the gods of the land holding any area of my life, my family, and any member of this church captive; Father by the fury of your indignation and the fierceness of your wrath, consume them, kill their children, destroy them and deliver us in the name of Jesus. Ex.4:22-23; 12:12; Ps.69:24; Nah.1:6

4. Father in the name of Jesus,  I invoke speedy vengeance and judgment against every affliction, oppression, depression, limitation, stagnation, condition, habit or person or system resisting, my progress, that of my family and every member of this church; Father contend with those that contend with me, fight against those that fight against me, trouble those that trouble me  and destroy every opposition to my advancement and that of every member of this church in the name of Jesus. Isa.49:25-26; 41:11; 1Thess.1:6; Ps.35:1-6;

5. Father in the name of Jesus, let every altar, principality and demonic agent, mocking the glorious destiny of this church and all her members be visited with the full indignation of your vengeance; let us see your vengeance upon them in Jesus name. Jer.20:10-13;

6. Father, in the name of Jesus, let there be manifestations of apostolic order of signs, wonders and mighty-deeds in all our church services this Year, resulting in massive salvations across our harvest field -Acts5:12/14

7. Father in the name of Jesus, let the Holy Spirit come down like a mighty rushing wind, compelling multitudes to connect to our online church and attend our in-person  church service this Sunday for their salvation, edification, healing, deliverance, turnaround,  transformation and establishment  in this church and in the kingdom in the name of Jesus. Acts 2:2;

Prophetic Declaration
As the Lord lives, someone is walking into a massive stress free and struggle free breakthrough this month; God has allowed you to be held back all this while so that when you are released you shall be propelled as by a catapult beyond your imagination and beyond all those that are ahead of you  in the mighty name of Jesus; every mystery around complicated issues of your life shall be demystified, unraveled and resolved this week; those issues that you have wondered about shall cease to be wonderments; those issues that have brought perplexities and anxieties shall become clear as daylight; your eyes shall be opened not only to see where they are coming from but also what to do to terminate the struggle today; As Hagar’s eyes were opened to locate a well of water just in time to refresh her and her son, so shall your eyes be opened to see and take delivery of the relief prepared for you this season in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!
Good morning and have an enlightened day!

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