Tuesday 07/04/23 Prayer Focus

1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for the multitudes you brought to our church service on Sunday; Please release your reaper angels to gather  a greater multitude into Todays Bible Study and cause the livestream to go viral; Grant everyone connecting to the service today an encounter with your word and let no one leave the service with any unfulfilled expectations in the name of Jesus. Ps.92:1-2; 1Sam.3:21

2. Father in the name of Jesus, Help me and every member of this church to keep your word in our mouths, to mediate on your word day and night, to obey every instruction and revelation from your word so that our way will be prosperous and good success will become the permanent feature of each of our lives in the name of Jesus. Josh.1:8;

3. Father in the name of Jesus, by revelation and understanding, terminate the operation of the spirit of indiscipline, complacency and lukewarmness in my life, my family and that of every member of this church; empower each one of us by your Spirit to keep our flesh in check, to prioritize prayer and control our minds in the name of Jesus. Gal.5:16-17; Eph.5:16; Rom.12:2;

4. Father in the name of Jesus, let everyone in my family and in this church under the bondage of any kind of crippling or paralyzing fear or phobia be delivered today in the name of Jesus. Acts 3:1-3; Isa.43:1-3;

5. Father in the name of Jesus, let every mystery behind the affliction, reproach and challenges of any member of this church  be visited with divine vengeance tonight in Jesus name. Deut.32:35; Isa.63:4; Rom.12:19; Heb.10:30;

6. Father, in the name of Jesus, let there be manifestations of apostolic order of signs, wonders and mighty-deeds in all our church services this Year, resulting in massive salvations across our harvest field -Acts5:12/14

7. Father in the name of Jesus, let every testimony that is delayed or pending in the life of this church and all her members be fully delivered this month in the name of Jesus. Jer.33:3; 2Chron.6:4,10; Dan.10:12-13;

8. Father, in the name of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus, we decree the destruction of all the powers of darkness out to resist the entrance of the Gospel, and the growth of the church, as the army of the Lord marches across our harvest field all through this year. -Rev.12.-11

9. Father in the name of Jesus, let your blessings be multiplied over the government, institutions and peoples of the United States of America; let the artificial flames rising to divide us be extinguished by your power; let the spirit of revival sweep across this country to turn the heart of America back to God in the name of Jesus. Hab.3:1-2; Mal.4:6; Joel 2:12-13;

Prophetic Declaration
As the Lord lives, in this second half of the year, I release the “commanded blessings” upon your life; The dew of heaven to irrigate your life and cause you to flourish; you shall never experience dryness in any area of your life any more; The unrestricted flow  of Divine Grace to secure goodness and mercy wherever you go and in whatever you do; The blessings of the Lord to make you rich without any sorrow or struggle; you will never have to beg or borrow ever again; The joy of the Lord to strengthen you and keep you in supernatural health always; the wisdom of the Lord to direct you; no more guess work in your journey of life; the favor of the Lord to elevate you; you are shifting levels this season; and the glory of the Lord to defend you; no more shame or reproach in your life in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! Receive the commanded blessings Now! Good morning and have a prosperous day! Psalm 133:1-3;

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