Monday 04/24/23 Prayer Focus

1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank You for the multitudes You brought to our church services yesterday and for the spirit of wonder imparted into   everyone through the prophetic word the mystery of the anointing oil. Ps.92:1-2; 103:1-5; Isa.8:18; 1Sam.10:1-12

2. Father in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, empower my access and that of every member of this church  to deeper revelations, so we can  experience new dimensions of Your glory in each of our lives. -2Cor.3:18; Eph.1:17-19;

3. Father in the name of Jesus, let Your Word grow mightily in our midst, thereby establishing our dominion on the earth both as a church and as individuals this year. -Acts.19:20

4. Father in the name of Jesus, ignite a breakthrough order of fire upon the prayer altar of every member of this church, thereby empowering us for greater exploits. -Dan.6:10/28

5. Father, in the name of Jesus, wherever the agents of the devil gather to plan any evil against this church and her members, let the fire of God descend to consume them, leading to the continuous influx of abiding multitudes into this church this year. - Is.54:15

6. Father in the name of Jesus, endue all our new converts,  members and visitors with the zeal of the Lord so they can be consistent in fellowship all through this year, thereby going from strength to strength. -Ps.84:7

7. Father in the name of Jesus, release Your reaper angels to take over our harvest field, appearing to all the unsaved, the sick and oppressed, in visions and revelations,  pointing them to this church , for their salvation, healing and deliverance -

8. Father in the name of Jesus, ignite my passion for the glory of your name and cause my life to always bring glory to you no matter the cost in the name of Jesus. Exo.33:18; Ps.63:1-2; 1Cor.6:20; Isa.61:3;

9. Father in the name of Jesus, Let your glory cover my  nakedness and swallow up every shame, every reproach and every thing that is contrary to your glory in my life, my family and in the life of every member of this church this season in Jesus name. Isa.4:5; 61:7;

Prophetic Declaration
As the Lord lives, from today, the life of God, the Zoe of God, the eternally abundant life of God shall flow through you in multiplied and powerful dimensions and manifestations, so that you will exude life wherever you go; no plague can thrive in the midst of eternal life; the Zoe of God which is the light of the world shall snuff out everything that represents death, decay or darkness in  your life and family; the sap that is in the vine flows through the branches to produce life in the leaves for growth and fruits for multiplication and nourishment, so shall it be for you, in you and through you, from henceforth in the mighty name of Jesus; you shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water which brings forth its fruit in every season; your leaves also shall never wither and whatsoever you do shall prosper;  And You shall be like a watered garden and a spring of water whose waters fail not, and you shall be called a repairer of the breach and a restorer of paths to dwell in, in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!
Good morning and have a fruitful day!

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