Thursday 08/03/23 Prayer Focus

1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for the renewal of strength, for all the miracles, testimonies and answers to prayers in our midst, To you be all the glory. Father, By the power of the Holy Spirit, compel greater multitudes into our Friday fire service tomorrow and let no one leave the same way they came in the name of Jesus Ps.136:1; Matt.13:39;

2. Father in the name of Jesus continue to send us your breakthrough word that will open new chapters  to the life of every worshipper in our church services all through this year. -Lk.5:4-6

3. Father in the name of Jesus, this month let the heavens be open over our lives, our families, every member of this church and all our online services, thereby confirming the Word in signs, wonders and miracles. - Ezek.1:1; Matt.3:16; Acts.7:56

4. Father in the name of Jesus, breathe on all our social media postings and let them go viral; turn them into anointed sickles of harvest bringing multitudes to the kingdom and to this church this year in Jesus name. Zech.4:6; Rev.14:15

5. Father in the mighty name of Jesus, Turn all our services into mountains of encounter so that no one will leave any of our services with any unfulfilled expectations. John 5:1-4; Matt.17:1-5; Heb.12:22-24

6. Father in the name of Jesus, let every destiny assigned to me for rescue be rescued this month. Empower me to locate them and to take every step required for their rescue in Jesus name. Jn.1:40-41; Mk.10:46-52. Rom.10:14-15. Ezek.3:18-21

7. Father in the name of Jesus, let every  blessings and supplies you have loaded into this month for me,  my family, this church and all her members be delivered without any struggle or delay in the name of Jesus Ps.68:19

 Prophetic Declaration
As the Lord lives, Every Jacob that is resisting the manifestation of Israel in your life catches fire today; every old thing hindering the new from manifesting gives way today; Every expectation and miracle that is yet to be fulfilled since January this year enters your hand this month; Children are usually named on the 8th day therefore this 8th month shall announce you for favor, honor, promotion and celebration; Every altar speaking against your life, every carnality sabotaging your enthronement and every shadow covering your destiny are roasted by fire today; When a leper was cleansed in Old Testament times, the 8th day marked a new beginning, for on that day he was presented before the priest and declared whole before the Lord, therefore in this 8th month whatever represents leprosy in your life and family varnishes forever in the name of Jesus; King David was the 8th child of Jesse and he was the one chosen to be king; Therefore the anointing that will compel your divine appointment to manifest this month is hereby released unto you in the name of Jesus! Amen!
Good morning and have a divinely appointed day!

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